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Water Damage Restoration

When unprecedented water damage hits, your initial responseis very important as it helps to prevent further damage. Once the flood begins to recede the task of water damage restoration starts right away. Removal of water and restoration of properties like floors, walls, carpets and furniture are really a surmounting monumental.

Professional help is necessary for an effective water damage restoration. Only the professionals have the knowledge, expertise and the tools necessary for a complete water damage restoration.

Water Damage Inspection

By water damage inspection, we mean finding the extent of water damage. Water damage is assessed not only on the floors. It is determined how far up the walls it has gone. We also determinehow far down water has gone into the foundation. This inspection needs specialized tools and meters and the professionals have them. Based on the assessment, water damage is mapped.

Psychrometry - Science of Drying

Each structural component that has been exposed to flooding water has a dry standard associated with it. A water damage restorer can tell the moisture content of damaged materials on a scale of 100 points. He has the necessary water inspection tools and water damage experience for this. He draws a moisture map of the area affected visually showing the extent of water damage. He updates this map daily to indicate the level of drying process.

Secondary Damages

Damaged materials may get damaged further due to increased vapor pressure and mold contamination. Your water damage restoration contractor should explain to you these secondary damages and the associated risks.


Your water damage restoration professional needs to be certified in water damage restoration, mold remediation and applied structural drying. He should be able to understand the relationship between water damage restoration and mold remediation.

There exist industry accepted guidelines for water damage restoration. They should be strictly adhered to. For example for sewage related water damage all the hygroscopic materials should be cut off and thrown away.

Extraction of Water

Modern structural drying technologies are so good that wall to wall carpet replacement becomes almost unnecessary. So the water damage restoration professional need not float the carpet by sending air flow under the carpet. If he does so, carpet replacement is his responsibility.

24X7 Service

As water damage is a progressive happening, your water damage restoration contractor should be available for service round the clock. Because the longer it takes to start water damage mitigation the worse it gets. Better to avoid one that doesn't offer 24x7 service.

Online information is available these days to help you find a licensed and experienced water damage restoration professional.



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