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Carpet Cleaning in

Weclean wall-to-wall and area rugs with the utmost care. We providecarpet cleaning services with utmost care to meet your cleaningstandards and achieve our level of perfection towards our work.
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Upholstery Cleaningin

Weclean all fabrics including Haitian cottons, couches, love seats anddining room table chairs. We make a difference in cleaning upholstery.Safely without damaging the furniture!
Call now for a free estimate: (800) 617-1112

Water Damage Services in

Waterdamage restoration services are being provided with immaculateperfection every weekday by using safe and natural chemicals that arenot harmful to you and your loved ones. We will make sure there is nowater present before we consider the job as done to prevent the futuregrowth f mold growth. We get the job done right the first time.
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Carpet DryCleaning Services in

Weoffer dry cleaning solvents for delicate rugs and upholstery (We useDry Shampoo). We provide you with Carpet Dry cleaning services and takeextra care with the help of dry shampoo to make your belongings dryfaster and cleaner even after the second time of cleaning. We providedry cleaning services with the use of our specially formulated dryshampoo which guarantees you the best results possible to make thecarpets smell and look fresh and brand new.
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Carpet Pre Conditioning in

(Sanitizer,Pet Odor Control, Degreaser, Carpet Stain Removal , Spot Remover) - Weuse top notch cleaning machines and use modern technology to wash andpre condition carpet, rugs, and upholstery. We employ the latesttechnology in carpet cleaning and pre-conditioning to provide youoptimum satisfaction and a sense of well being.
Call now for a free estimate: (800) 617-1112

Carpet Stretching and Repairing in

Ifyou have rolls in your carpet and it just seems that the carpet hasbumps in it and it is not smooth you may need to have the carpetstretched and repaired. This technique will actually give the carpet aface lift so to speak by stretching out the carpet so it is flat in allareas of the home or business. . We have maintained the highest levelof customer- satisfaction in stretching and repairing carpets and areprices are second to none. The Carpet Care will get the job done rightthe first time.
Call now for a free estimate: (800) 617-1112

Drapery Cleaning in

Weuse steam cleaning or dry cleaning for perfect pleats in your drapes toprovide ultimate results without any hint of damage. The integration ofquality work and dedication towards our customers has proven that ourfdrapery cleaning is safe and effective. Customer satisfaction is TheCarpet Cares' number one goal when it comes to drapery cleaning.
Call now for a free estimate: (800) 617-1112

OrientalRug Cleaning in

(We OfferFree Pick Up and Delivery Of All Oriental Rugs)-We will driveout to your home or business and pick up the oriental rugs and dropthem back off to you at your desired location when they are finished.Just another reason why The Carpet Care has been rated #1 in OrientalRug Cleaning. We make it easier for your to have your Oriental RugsCleaned.
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Pet Odor Control in

Weprovide pet odor control services and various other odor controlservices to get you home smelling like new.The Carpet Care will takecare of smoke odor, pet odor, and musty odor from mold and mildew.
Call now for a free estimate: (800) 617-1112

Tile and Grout Cleaning in

Everyone's dream is to keep the tiles and the grout of the house cleanand looking as new as possible. With all the wear and tear that thetile and grout has gone through, let us bring back that glow and shinelike it was when you first had the tile installed in your home. We takethe upmost care when cleaning tile and grout to make sure you feel thatyou are getting the quality service that you deserve and we make surethe job gets done right the first time.If you have tile you will knowhow hard it is to keep it looking brand new. Let The Carpet Care takecare of all the hard work for you.
Call now for a free estimate: (800) 617-1112

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